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Vayu’s cream of rice gets a smaller and more expensive 800g size

Vayu Instant Rice Pudding Bag

German brand Vayu is one of the few European supplement companies that got in on the trend of cream of rice products relatively early, with Instant Rice Pudding coming in February of last year. It is simple, clean, and of course, nutritious, featuring only cream of rice as a great source of carbohydrates, and it’s unflavored, making it easier to add your preferred flavor.

Vayu is expanding its cream of rice supplement Instant Rice Pudding this week with a second size. Like the original 3kg, the product’s additional option comes packaged in a resealable bag, although it is a lot smaller than 3kg. Vayu’s Instant Rice Pudding expansion is an 800g bag, which is almost a quarter the size with all of the same nutrition and made with only rice flour.

The only downside to Vayu’s 800g Instant Rice Pudding is the price, as it’s nowhere near as cost-effective as the original. While the 3kg sits at €27 directly from the brand’s website, the smaller 800g is €10 (11.07 USD), working out to about 40% more expensive.

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