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Innovative animal-free whey finds its way into another mainstream brand at Bored Cow

Bored Cow Flavored Milk

Since the introduction of Perfect Day’s innovative animal-free whey protein in Brave Robot’s flavorful ice cream, it’s been fun watching the ingredient make its way into many other types of products. As initially expected and hoped, animal-free whey did finally find its way into the sports nutrition space, with a few brands now using it in protein powders, including California Performance and Natreve’s Mooless.

While Perfect Day and animal-free whey protein have been making up ground in supplements, it’s been getting out there even more in general products, the latest of which is an all-new upcoming brand named Bored Cow. This isn’t a sports nutrition or supplement company of any sort, it’s more mainstream, utilizing Perfect Day’s innovative ingredient to make delicious, clean, and healthy animal-free milk.

Bored Cow’s debut product comes with all of the benefits of Perfect Day’s animal-free whey being lactose-free and vegan-friendly, and it has zero sugar. It promises a rich and creamy consistency and taste, like traditional milk, but again, it’s animal-free, and it’s coming in two size options, a large multi-serving 32oz carton, and a more compact, on-the-go 11oz bottle providing a respectable 10 to 11g of complete protein.

Bored Cow and its clean, no sugar, animal-free whey-made milk will be launching in the middle of next month with three flavors to choose from in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. As mentioned, it’s great to see animal-free whey protein continue to grow and reach a variety of brands and audiences, with Bored Cow and its reasonably high protein and impressively no sugar, flavored milk.