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EHP Labs names another upcoming flavor for its tasty and fast-growing energy drink

Ehp Labs Cali Cola Oxyshred Energy Drink

Australian brand EHP Labs recently revealed it is coming out with an all-new candy-themed flavor for its tasty energizing beverage, OxyShred Energy drink, named Gummy Snakes. The product only hit the market at the start of the year down under in Australia and the US, and it is a strong competitor, communicating its complex flavors incredibly well in every sip.

It turns out that sweet-sounding Gummy Snakes isn’t the only upcoming flavor for EHP Labs’ OxyShred Energy drink; there is at least one it’ll add even more variety to the product’s lineup. On the way for the growing beverage is a cola-themed flavor, Cali Cola, which is not a taste energy drink brands commonly create, although we’re confident EHP Labs will nail it.

As mentioned, Cali Cola will add some nice variety to the OxyShred Energy, much like Gummy Snakes, as at the moment, it mostly has fruity flavors available. The selection includes PiƱa Colada, Passionfruit, Guava Paradise, Kiwi Strawberry, and Peach Candy Rings, with our favorites being Passionfruit and Peach Candy Rings, or favorites until we try the new ones.