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Electrolytes and sugar come together in GAAM’s on-the-go hydration beverage

Gaam Isotonic

House brand GAAM Nutrition from the major Swedish sports nutrition retailer Proteinbolaget has a new beverage out this week, and it’s quite different from its more well-known GAAM Energy drink. The latest from the brand is GAAM Isotonic, a pure hydration and performance beverage that comes in a convenient squeeze top bottle to reuse and have on the go.

GAAM Nutrition’s GAAM Isotonic features a simple formula with a combination of key electrolytes and fructose syrup as a source of carbohydrates, providing 19.5g in every bottle. The product has debuted in just one flavor with Blue Blast, and it’s available over at Proteinbolaget at 20 kr for one, 14.08 kr each for a box of 12, and 12.45 kr (1.27 USD) a bottle for 24.