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Portugal’s largest chocolate manufacturer expanding its talents into functional food

Imperial Functional Chocolate

Imperial is a food company out of Portugal that is first and foremost a more mainstream manufacturer of absolutely delicious treats and snacks, including chocolate, bonbons, gummies, toffees, and many other formats. Imperial was initially established all the way back in 1932 and impressively claims the title of being the largest chocolate producer out of Portugal.

We’re featuring Imperial today as in recent years, it has brought its interest and efforts into the world of functional foods, infusing its already great-tasting chocolate with milk protein. The healthier twist results in chocolate that’s obviously much higher in protein, and it’s created protein chocolate without any added sugar, but its talents and innovation don’t end there.

Imperial does have standard products that it packages and brands for companies, although it’s also working with companies to develop unique formats and functional foods exclusively for them. As mentioned, Imperial has been a mainstream manufacturer for decades, giving it an extensive catalog that it has the ability to transform into functional solutions with features like lower sugar, no sugar, high protein, and plant-based.

There are many products on the market already that Imperial is responsible for, but it is, of course, interested in expanding on that. The company has some of its own brands widely available in Europe that showcase what it can do with the likes of Doctor Gummy, Regina, and the Smarties-like Pintarolas, with more details and contact information at