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InnovaPharm doesn’t go for the usual benefits in its rather different “Next-Gen” nootropic

Innovapharm Brain XL

InnovaPharm’s Essentials Series is a simple and straightforward collection of supplements, although a few of the entries in the line are a bit more complex than others. Good examples of that not-so-simple approach include the immune-supporting Immune-1 and Elderberry, both featuring more than a single ingredient, which is once again the case with the latest entry in the growing series, introducing Brain XL.

InnovaPharm’s Brain XL is a comprehensive nootropic supplement or as it says on its bottle “Next-Gen Nootropic”, featuring several key ingredients to improve and enhance mental focus and cognition, support brain health and memory retention, and reduce stress. The more advanced approach in Brain XL compared to the rest of the brand’s Essentials products is reflected in its price, being the most expensive item in the line by a good $10 at $54.99.

Innovapharm Brain Xl Label

The ingredients powering each serving of InnovaPharm’s Brain XL are 300mg of bacopa, a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC, 150mg of huperzine a, 100mg of shilajit extract, and interestingly no sources of caffeine like many other nootropic supplements. The other components are Intellectus and NeuroGF, both branded ingredients; the former is celastrus paniculatus and from Gold Standard Botanicals, and the latter is embryonic oligopeptides and is actually from InnovaPharm.

Intellectus celastrus paniculatus is in there to improve and support cognition and memory retention, and InnovaPharm’s own NeuroGF embryonic oligopeptides provide nerve growth factors to potentially help the development of sympathetic, sensory, and forebrain neurons. Brain XL is undoubtedly an intriguing and interesting take on a nootropic style product, and again, it’s available now at $54.99 a bottle.