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Life Pro brings its rich Choco Monkey flavor to its cream of rice Tasty Rice

Life Pro Choco Monky Tasty Rice

Life Pro Nutrition from Spain has recently been expanding its rather intriguing, rich chocolate candy bar-like flavor, Chocolate Monkey. It started in some of the brand’s protein powders, but over the past few months, Life Pro has taken into some other types of products, including its straightforward Instant Oats and protein-packed spread, Protein Cream.

This week, the tasty Chocolate Monkey flavor has been carried over to yet another part of Life Pro Nutrition. This time around, the brand has brought the chocolatey recipe to its cream of rice supplement, simply named Tasty Rice. As we’ve seen in some of those other Choco Monkey products, Life Pro has some inclusions in this one by way of speculoos cookie pieces.

Despite the delicious taste, Like Pro Nutrition’s Choco Monkey Tasty Rice is still very much a carbohydrate-focused supplement packing 39g of carbohydrates from cream of rice, 1.2g of fat, and 4g of protein per serving. Being a simple product, the price of Life Pro’s Tasty Rice is not all that expensive at €6.90 (7.40 USD) when shopping directly on the brand’s website.