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Classic Capcom character Mega Man inspires G Fuel’s latest creative collaboration

Mega Man Blue Bomber Slushee G Fuel

With another week comes another new flavor creation from the leader of the fast-growing gaming category, G Fuel. It is another fun and entertaining collaboration creation, specifically for its flagship energy and focus-enhancing gaming supplement, self-titled G Fuel. A lot of the time, the brand introduces flavors for its supplement, then later its smooth-tasting energy drink, which could certainly be the case again here.

The company G Fuel has partnered with this time around is Capcom, which it has done on several other occasions, including releases like Nemesis Tea for the video game Resident Evil 3 and Mega Potion for Master Hunter Rise. G Fuel and Capcom’s latest doesn’t involve a specific game but a character from the Capcom family in the classic Mega Man featured in numerous games, comics, animation, and films.

The flavor G Fuel and Capcom’s Mega Man have come up with is Blue Bomber Slushee, promising a sweet blue raspberry taste in combination with G Fuel’s usual energy and focus-supporting formula. The launch of this one is taking place in about a week and a half on Wednesday the 18th of this month, where it’ll go live and be available for purchase directly from in a 40 serving and a limited Collector’s Box.

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