‘Merica’s fat burning pre-workout is back and in an all-new flavor called Agent Blue

Merica Labs Red White And Boom Napalm Edition

‘Merica Labz recently made the bold announcement that it is coming out with as many as five premium pre-workouts throughout this year, including Red, White and Boom Z-Bomb Edition and Castle Bravo. Another one of those supplements is Red White and Boom Napalm Edition, which isn’t entirely new, but it is a previously limited edition pre-workout that is making a return, and that is happening this week.

You can now head to the ‘Merica Labz online store and get your hands on the fat-burning pre-workout Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition once again, and it features all of the same ingredients and dosages as it did before. As a quick refresh on the formula, it is packed out on both sides, with several reliable pre-workout ingredients like citrulline and beta-alanine and plenty for weight loss in ProGBB and Mitoburn.

‘Merica Labz has brought back its well-put-together Red, White and Boom hybrid pre-workout in both of its original flavors, Tango Foxtrot and Saigon Sangria, and to make things a bit more exciting, there is another, all-new option. Alongside the originals is the blueberry lemonade recipe, Agent Blue, and to celebrate Napalm’s return, the brand has a direct deal where you get two tubs and a shaker for $99.