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Hydration trend continues into India with MuscleBlaze’s Hydr8 Pro stick packs

Muscleblaze Hydr8 Pro

Dedicated hydration supplements have certainly become a popular type of product to see from sports nutrition brands, with many big names coming out with something for the specialized category. The trend isn’t limited to the major US market either; several international brands have got in on the action, with this month seeing India’s MuscleBlaze roll out its hydration supplement.

Hydr8 Pro is MuscleBlaze’s product built specifically to support and improve hydration, performance, and endurance, although there are a bit more than electrolytes in this one. Hydr8 Pro does indeed feature the common hydration ingredients, electrolytes, alongside a moderate 40mg of the antioxidant vitamin C and a small number of carbohydrates at 7.4g with 6.1g of that sugar.

MuscleBlaze hasn’t designed Hydr8 Pro as a more premium hydration competitor, as we’ve seen in the likes of Ghost Hydration and Superhuman Hydration, but it has the ingredients to support its primary goal. The brand has put Hydr8 Pro in the common hydration format of single-serving stick packs with 30 per box at ₹449 (5.79 USD) with two flavors in Lemon Lime and Orange Zest.

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