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Pandy puts together a variety pack for Himmelsö’s Swedish Fika Series

Pandy Swedish Fika Variety Pack

The Swedish Fika line from Himmelsö, named after the tradition of gathering to drink coffee, eat tasty food, and socialize, has come together with fellow Swedish brand Pandy for a special edition variety pack. Himmelsö makes several different food bundles or packs in its Swedish Fika series, featuring pastries and popular candy, and now Pandy has its own one.

The Pandy and Himmelsö Swedish Fika collaboration is a bulk 250g box packed full of the functional food company’s signature, low sugar and low-calorie candy. Inside the box are five regular size bags of Pandy candy, each weighing 50g. The bags are all different variants of the product, which the brand has six of, so you essentially get to try the entire healthy candy family.

The five candies in the Pandy and Himmelsö Swedish Fika variety bundle are Fizzy Bottles, Sweet Peach, Sour Fish, Watermelon, and Sour Cola, all with under a gram of sugar per bag. Pandy does sell the special edition pack through its online store, and it works out to essentially the same price if you were to purchase each of the five bags separately at 89 kr (8.86 USD).

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