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Primeval is getting back into creatine but it’ll be in single serving stick packs

Primeval Labs Creatine

Primeval Labs is coming back out with a creatine supplement to support muscle strength and size, keeping it simple and straightforward, putting only tried and true creatine in the product. That was the case with the brand’s original bulk creatine, which had a sizeable 80 unflavored servings per tub with the full 5g of creatine monohydrate in each.

Primeval Labs’ upcoming Creatine will continue that bulk approach; however, instead of being put into a tub of several servings, the brand is switching to more convenient single-serving stick packs. The supplement will have 5g of unflavored creatine monohydrate in each of its stick packs providing all of the ingredient’s reliable strength and size benefits.

We’re not sure how many stick packs Primeval Labs’ Creatine will have or how much it’ll cost, although it won’t be the same as the bulk 80 serving creatine product the brand released a few years ago.

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