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Purus Labs prepares for the release of its ready-to-drink version of Noxygen

Purus Labs Noxygen Rtd

Purus Labs grew out its well-established Noxygen name at the end of last year with the launch of the Noxygen Pre-Workout, a more comprehensive supplement compared to the original Noxygen. For those not familiar with the product, Noxygen is the brand’s stimulant-free, pump-powering pre-workout featuring premium NO3-T nitrates available in powder and pills.

As mentioned, Purus Labs’ Noxygen Pre-Workout is a complete pre-workout, supporting more benefits than just pumps, with ingredients in there to additionally increase and enhance energy, focus, and performance. In 2022, the long-running brand is looking to expand its Noxygen family even further with an on-the-go, ready-to-drink version in four fruity flavors.

We’re not sure what kind of formula we’ll be getting in the Purus Labs Noxygen RTD, although on the label, it does say “Preworkout Ready To Drink”, leading us to believe it’ll be more like Noxygen Pre-Workout than the original Noxygen. As with any innovation, we look forward to seeing what kind of ingredients and dosages we get in the supplement, especially since packed-out pre-workout RTDs aren’t that common.

Purus Labs is promising its Noxygen Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workout will be available sometime soon in a compact and convenient 12oz bottle, and again, it’ll have four flavors to choose from, all featuring a fruity theme in Cherry Lime, Galaxy Blue Raspberry, and a classic Fruit Punch.