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Single ingredient turk and ecdy products come to Trained By JP’s growing lineup

Trained By Jp Nutrition Turk Ecdy

Trained by JP Nutrition from the one and only Jordan Peters, has built itself into an absolutely giant brand with supplements for all sorts of situations, types of training, and walks of life. Despite that wide variety, the brand continues to add to its lineup; in fact, just yesterday, it rolled out another pre-workout in the stimulant-free, pump powering Pumpage.

Today we have details on another two supplements that are equally as recent as Pumpage, and they’re two muscle building products that became incredibly popular last year, or at least their ingredients did. Now available from Trained By JP Nutrition are the standalone Turkesterone and another standalone muscle builder in the ecdysterone-based Natural Physique.

Both of the supplements feature typical amounts of their single ingredients, with Trained By JP Nutrition putting half a gram of ajuga turkestanica into each of Turkesterone’s 60 capsules and 255mg of ecdysterone into each of the 60 capsules in Natural Physique. You can grab either or both from the brand’s online store at the same price of £39.99 (49.94 USD).