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Primeval’s Electrolyte returns and like Creatine it’s been put into stick packs

Return Of Primeval Electrolyte

Primeval Labs is one of the sports nutrition companies that jumped into the hydration category these past couple of years; in fact, it did it quite early, introducing Primeval Electrolyte back in 2020. The supplement brought together key electrolytes, including premium Calci-K, all packaged into a bulk tub of 60 servings in Smashberry and Orange Sherbet flavors.

This week, Primeval Labs has brought back its two-year-old hydration supplement, but with it has come a format change, similar to what it recently did with the return of Primeval Creatine. The return or restock of Primeval Electrolyte sees the brand package individual servings into stick packs, which is what it did a month ago to its creatine monohydrate product.

Primeval Labs’ stick pack Electrolyte still features key electrolytes to support hydration and performance, including premium Calci-K. The brand has also halved the amount of servings you get per bag from 60 to 30, but again, you get the convenience of stick packs. The price of the supplement direct is $29.99, with three flavors in Orange Sherbert, Smashberry, and Strawberry Banana.

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