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All seven Tetris-inspired Tetrimino flavors of G Fuel are back in smaller bundles

Tetrimino G Fuel

Around this time last year, the gaming giant G Fuel celebrated World Tetris Day with a special edition Collector’s Box for the Tetris Blast flavor of its gaming supplement, put together in partnership with Tetris itself. That flavor was also launched for its energy and focus-powering beverage; then, in August of last year, we got a limited edition, 42 stick pack bundle of seven different Tetris-inspired Tetrimino flavors.

G Fuel has brought back all seven of those Tetrimino flavors of its signature gaming supplement, but this time around, they’re not available in the 42-serving Collector’s Box with six samples of each flavor. G Fuel is selling its Tetris-themed flavors in sets of three sticks at $4.99 a pack, so you don’t need to grab all of them to try one, although there is a variety option with three sticks of each of the Tetrimino flavors for $25.99.

As a quick refresher of G Fuel’s Tetris collaboration and its seven Tetrimino flavors, they are Z-Tetrimino (strawberry), J-Tetrimino (raspberry), T-Tetrimino (berry punch), O-Tetrimino (citrus lime), L-Tetrimino (orange), S-Tetrimino (apple), and I-Tetrimino (passionfruit). Again, they’re all for the brand’s flagship, self-titled gaming supplement G Fuel, and are available in their various options at

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