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Arms Race is finally dropping its previously promised Basics Series Dextrose

Arms Race Basics Dextrose

When Arms Race Nutrition launched its Basics Series, made up of simple, mostly single-ingredient supplements, it was actually missing one. Before the Basics Series debuted, the brand confirmed it would be rolling out with products based around glutamine, creatine, dextrose, citrulline, and EAAs, although one of those was missing when it all released in March of last year.

Arms Race Nutrition is now finally getting ready to launch that previously promised but missing Basics Series supplement with Dextrose. The reputable brand introduced the line with Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Citrulline, and BCAA/EAA; so again, all but one from that original confirmation. Dextrose will be a straightforward 2.2lb or 1kg bulk bag of unflavored dextrose.

Dextrose is, of course, a carbohydrate, and with Arms Race Nutrition’s Basics Series Dextrose being unflavored, you can easily combine it with other products. We’re not sure what the price of the upcoming supplement will be, although we suspect it to be similar to the likes of ISO-Carb from MAN Sports, which is also dextrose and costs around $24.99 for about the same size.