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ASC’s third limited El Jefe is arriving next week and promises to be its best yet

Asc Supplements Limited El Jefe V3

Over the years, the reputable sports nutrition brand ASC Supplements has come out with a special edition, limited-time version of its stimulant pre-workout El Jefe on two occasions. The brand has actually dropped two editions of the spin-off, the original and V2, and in both products, the brand packs out the formula with the likes of V2’s intense stimulant blend featuring caffeine, eria jarenesis, juglans regia, and alpha yohimbine.

ASC Supplements has announced that next week, specifically Friday of next week, it will be dropping another version of its limited-edition El Jefe pre-workout, and according to the brand, this will be its most impressive and intense formula to date. The brand refers to the product as limited El Jefe V3, and like the special edition El Jefes before it, this one is expected to support numerous pre-workout effects for an intense experience.

The important detail we’re missing here is, of course, the formula, which is not only what will separate it from the previous and original limited edition El Jefes, but also what will encourage fans to choose this over the many other competitors in the category. Again, ASC Supplements is promoting a launch date of Friday the 17th of this month, so its growing fanbase can mark that on their calendars and be sure to have their wallets ready.