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Formula revealed for ASC Supplements’ third version of the limited El Jefe

Asc Supplements Limited El Jefe V3

In anticipation of its launch this coming Friday, ASC Supplements has revealed the facts panel behind the third iteration of its limited-edition El Jefe pre-workout, referred to as limited El Jefe V3. The brand promises this version to be its most intense to date, with ingredients for euphoric energy, enhanced focus, improved pumps, and better performance.

The formula in ASC Supplements’ limited edition El Jefe V3 is actually quite similar to that of V2; in fact, they share many of the same ingredients and dosages. For pumps and performance, V3 has 7g of citrulline malate, like V2, the same 4g of beta-alanine and 2g of taurine, but slightly more betaine at 3g, and instead of 1.5g of Nitrosigine, the brand has swapped in another premium pump component with 508mg of VasoDrive-AP.

Asc Supplements Limited El Jefe V3 Label

On the stimulant side of the limited El Jefe V3 pre-workout, there are some more similarities in the pre-workout’s hefty 2.304g energy and focus blend. Like V2, the V3 formula’s stimulant complex has DMAE, caffeine, caffeine citrate, the intense pair of eria jarensis and juglans regia, theobromine, higenamine, halostachine, and alpha yohimbine. There are also some differences in the ingredients, as ASC has dropped hordenine for V3, and added in Infinergy, yohimbine, and citrus aurantium.

As you can see, there are many things in common from ASC Supplements’ limited edition El Jefe V3 to its predecessor, so while it is meant to be an improved experience, we have to imagine the balance of effects will be somewhat familiar to those that had V2. Once again, the brand is planning to launch the supplement this coming Friday through its official online store, and it is a limited product, so you’ll want to get in as soon as it’s live.