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Sweden’s Aware is gong functional tomorrow with a protein pancake mix

Aware Nutrition Protein Pancakes

Like a few other sports nutrition companies out there, Swedish brand Aware Nutrition has released a powder supplement for you to quickly and easily make high-protein pancakes in the comfort of your own home. The product is simply named Aware Protein Pancakes, and all you need to do is combine the powder with water, shake it up, then pour it onto a pan and cook like regular pancake batter.

Aware Nutrition hasn’t shared any of the macros in Protein Pancakes, which are launching tomorrow, although due to how reliable the brand’s other supplements are, we imagine this will be as lean as its competitors. The product is going to be available in one flavor right out of the gate, with Dreamy Vanilla, and again, it doesn’t take much to make the pancakes with just the powder, shaker, and a pan.