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Current flavors of the legendary Barebells Protein Bar ranked from first to last

Barebells Protein Bar Flavors Ranked

We’re ranking the flavors of another one of our favorite tasting products after we did the same for Monster Ultra. Since we tried the Barebells Protein Bar several years ago, we have yet to come across a protein bar that can match its consistency, sweetness, and nutrition, hence why it’s held the number one spot for so long. It is that category-leading protein bar we’re going to go over at rank its flavors from most to least favorite.

Over the years, Barebells has launched many different flavors of its flagship protein product, all of which we’ve tried, except for the recent Summer Edition option, Raspberry Cream. With that said, the list below ranks all of the flavors currently available for the protein-packed snack, not any limited or discontinued options, and as much as we’d like to, we’re not including Barebells’ amazing Soft Protein Bar and its two flavors.

  1. Salty Peanut
  2. Hazelnut & Nougat
  3. Creamy Crisp
  4. White Salty Peanut
  5. Cashew Caramel
  6. Chocolate Dough
  7. Crunchy Fudge
  8. White Chocolate Almond
  9. Cookies & Cream
Creamy Crisp Barebells Protein Bar

The reason the Barebells Protein Bar has held its number one position on our list of top five protein bars for the many years it has is because each of its flavors is incredibly enjoyable. There is maybe one or two we haven’t gone back to that often, but the rest you really can’t go wrong with. The original Salty Peanut is still the king in our minds, with its mix of sweet chocolate, authentic peanut, and incredibly salty caramel tough to beat.

The other options rounding out our favorite three Barebells Protein Bars are much newer than Salty Peanut in Hazelnut & Nougat, which is equally on point with its sweetness. You then have Creamy Crisp, earning its spot due to just how soft and smooth it is. Mint Dark Chocolate is or was another killer flavor of the protein bar, although since getting an official launch back in 2019, it has since been dropped from the product’s menu.

We’ll do our best to update or ranking of the currently available flavors of the Barebells Protein Bar as time goes on, and it is worth noting that this is based on what’s on the market in the brand’s home country of Sweden. The menu isn’t as large in many other places around the world, although the bars are the same, so if you try the likes of Salty Peanut or Hazelnut & Nougat in Sweden or the US, they are just as good and enjoyable.

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