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Brain Gains puts both versions of its top-rated nootropic Switch On into capsules

Brain Gains Switch On Capsules

Brain Gains and its well-formulated nootropic supplement Switch On, currently hold the number one spot on our list of top five focus-enhancing products as it still stands as the best experience we’ve had in the competitive category. It has incredibly noticeable increases in focus, cognition, alertness, and just overall brain function, and now there is another way to consume and enjoy it.

Since the launch of Brain Gains, Switch On has only ever been available in flavored powder format, which has also been the case for its equally effective, stimulant-infused spin-off Switch On Black. That all changes this week, as the UK brand has rolled out a capsule variant of the supplement featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages, so you’re guaranteed the same experience.

Brain Gains’ all-new capsule versions of Switch On and Switch On Black are already in stock and available for purchase from its online store at £35 (43.74 USD) and £40 (49.98 USD), respectively. That is exactly the same price for each of the focus-forcing products in their original flavored powders and with the same serving split of 40 regular servings and 20 full-on maximum servings.

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