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Castle Cartel reveals the full formula behind its debut product Toxic Masculinity

Castle Cartel Toxic Masculinity

Upcoming supplement company Castle Cartel has shared the full formula behind its debut product, which unlike most newcomers to the industry, won’t be a pre-workout, fat burner, or protein powder. Toxic Masculinity is set to be the first supplement from Castle Cartel, a muscle-building formula backed by a solid dose of turkesterone, although that is far from all the brand has squeezed into this.

Castle Cartel’s Toxic Masculinity is backed by a solid list of ingredients to support muscle building from a number of different angles, and as previously confirmed, one of those ingredients is turkesterone. The brand includes the popular compound at a solid 1g of ajuga turkestanica per serving, and it’s not the usual 10% turkesterone; Castle Cartel has gone with 40%, giving you a lot more turk than most.

Again, the formula powering Castle Cartel’s Toxic Masculinity doesn’t stop there, as you can see in its fully transparent facts panel below. Alongside the turkesterone are several other reputable ingredients with a gram of black maca, 150mg of shilajit, 200mg of mucuna pruriens, 400mg of longjack, 900mg of fadogia agrestis, a light amount of fenugreek at 20mg, and 10mg of black pepper to help with absorption.

Castle Cartel Toxic Masculinity Label

Another interesting ingredient Castle Cartel has included in Toxic Masculinity is its only premium component, the pump-supporting CellFlo6, and at a heft dose of 600mg per serving. As you can see by the variety of ingredients, this is quite a multi-benefit product, primarily built to boost testosterone and build muscle, but also improve blood flow, pumps, estrogen control, and performance.

Castle Cartel is planning to launch Toxic Masculinity within the next few weeks, and as it revealed in its preview of the muscle-building supplement, it will be getting an international launch. The brand is going to be uniquely making Toxic Masculinity available for purchase in Australia and the UK, with no mention of price yet, but it will have the usual 30 servings to supply you for an entire month.