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CTRL is throwing in its Meal On-The-Go Bar free with its meal replacement

Ctrl Free Meal On The Go Bar

Gaming brand CTRL, which makes balanced and nutritious products as opposed to energy and focus-fueling supplements, recently came out with an edible item in the Meal On-The-Go Bar. It is a nut butter-based snack filled with inclusions, sweetened with honey, and packs a solid 15g of protein, 27g of carbohydrates, and a reasonable calorie count of 240.

CTRL is now making it even easier for fans to try its second-ever product by making it completely free with purchases of its original CTRL meal replacement supplement. The gaming brand has set up a page where you choose any flavor of the meal replacement in its full-size 20-serving bag, and you get one of each of the Meal On-The-Go Bar’s two flavor options.

CTRL’s Meal On-The-Go Bar has two flavors on its menu to start, in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Magic Charms, the one with what looks to be Lucky Charms cereal pieces inside. The price of the meal replacement is the same as usual at $52.99, and again, you get to choose its flavor with options like Cocoa Crunch, Fruity Flakes, and Apple Smacks.