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Inspired packs its premium Ember Stim full of energy and focus ingredients

Inspired Ember Stim Premium Fat Burner

As promised at the beginning of the year, over the past few months, Inspired has been turning its original powerhouse fat burner Ember into a full family of weight loss supplements. We first got Ember Non-Stim, an effective fat-burning product without any stimulants, then the liquid format Ember Serum PM, and now we have details on the more traditional stimulant-powered entry in the series, Ember Stim.

Inspired has always put together quality formulas for its long-running weight loss supplement Ember, and not surprisingly, that continues in its latest flagship Ember fat burner. Ember Stim strikes that familiar comprehensiveness of ingredients for increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and fat loss support, and it can be used alongside those other Ember products for a complete stack for even better results.

We’ve got the facts panel Inspired’s premium Ember Stim in the image below, and you can definitely see it’s going for an intense stimulant effect, with plenty of ingredients to drive energy and focus. The majority of the components, in fact, power those sensory effects, including 300mg of caffeine, 150mg of eria jarensis, more common in pre-workouts, 2mg each of yohimbine and alpha yohimbine, 50mg of Dendright dendrobium, and a few other branded ingredients in CoLean, SYNapsis, and IsoSYN.

Inspired Ember Stim Label

It is also worth pointing out that the undoubtedly hard-hitting Ember Stim provides its full serving in two capsules. That gives you the option to split it up if you’d prefer a less stimulating experience, throwing back one in the morning and then the other later that day. It’s a strategy we prefer to use when taking stimulant weight loss supplements, and again, something Inspired makes possible in Ember Stim’s two capsule serving.

Inspired is expected to have stock on hand of its energy and focus-powering Ember Stim in a few weeks, with, of course, the reputable brand’s own online store to be the first place to stock the product. No price has been revealed for the premium supplement, but with Ember Non-Stim at $54.99, we have to imagine Ember Stim will land somewhere around there.