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JNX Sports continues its expansion with bulk creatine and glutamine products

Jnx Sports The Curse Creatine

JNX Sports is making quite the effort this year to expand its family of sports nutrition supplements, especially following the recent release of its first-ever amino product, The Jinx. The long-running and internationally available brand has grown once again this week, introducing two all-new supplements, and like The Jinx, these are not things we’ve seen from JNX Sports before.

The maker of the stimulant pre-workout, The Curse, has come out with single-ingredient standalone products in The Curse Creatine and The Curse Glutamine. While their names include the title of JNX Sports’ flagship supplement, they are indeed straightforward, bulk powders, with Creatine being a 300g tub of creatine monohydrate, and Glutamine, 300g of l-glutamine.

JNX Sports has kept its completely new The Curse Creatine and The Curse Glutamine conveniently unflavored, making it easier to stack and combine them with other products, such as throwing a scoop or two into your post-workout shake. They both have 60 servings and will be hitting stores and stockists shortly with a price suitable for their simple, standalone approach.