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Huge is bringing back its original Wrecked flavors for its recently released sequel

More Flavors Of Huge Wrecked

It was only recently that Huge Nutrition reformulated and relaunched its original stimulant pre-workout Wrecked. While the name remained the same, without any addition of things like V2 and II, the formula received several improvements. Some of the key changes include 8g of pure citrulline in place of 9g of citrulline malate for strong pumps, more beta-alanine and betaine, and the intense stimulant, eria jarensis.

Huge Nutrition dropped its refreshed Wrecked pre-workout in two all-new flavors with Bomb Popsicle and Raspberry Mojito, which are still the only tastes available for the supplement. Shortly, the brand will be adding to that menu, doubling its size to a total of four different flavors, and with some familiar experiences. Huge is bringing back its original Wrecked flavors for the sequel with Rainbow Burst and Peach Rings.

Huge Nutrition has confirmed that while its returning Rainbow Burst and Peach Rings flavors of Wrecked are something fans may remember, it has made them drastically better for the recently released Wrecked. The options will both be available through the brand’s online store sometime soon, where a tub of Wrecked packing 20 full servings costs $49.95.