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Stimulant-free pre-workout set to be newcomer More Formula’s second product

More Formula Non Stim Pre Workout

At the moment, More Formula has just the one supplement on the market in the stimulant-powered pre-workout Bangarang. It features a fairly typical set of ingredients and dosages to support a balanced experience in the gym. The product packs the likes of pure citrulline at 4g to power pumps, 3.5g of beta-alanine for performance, an intense 400mg of caffeine for energy, and 500mg of alpha-GPC to enhance mental focus.

More Formula may have only one supplement available right now, but that is about to change, as you might have been able to gather from the image above. The still very new and young brand has started teasing what will be its second-ever product to go alongside its original Bangarang. Fortunately, More Formula has been kind enough to pass on some details you don’t get from the image it’s shared, and they’re certainly interesting.

More Formula has confirmed its second supplement is going to be for the same category as Bangarang in a pre-workout, although this one will be stimulant-free. The brand hasn’t said whether or not you’ll be able to stack it with Bangarang, although that tends to be the case most with most companies selling two pre-workouts. We’ll have more details on the mysterious product soon, so stay tuned if you’re a More Formula fan.