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Combat Energy drink gets a different set of flavors in Australia and New Zealand

Musclepharm Combat Energy Drink Pop Cola

Internationally, some of the time, when you find a brand or supplement you’re familiar with, it won’t have the same ingredients, dosages, or sometimes even flavors. It turns out that one of those things is the case for MusclePharm’s late 2021-released Combat Energy Drink featuring a strong 300mg of caffeine for energy, 600mg of BCAAs, and only one gram of carbohydrates per can.

If you’re a fan of MusclePharm or energy drinks in general, and you head down to Australia and New Zealand, you won’t get the same selection of flavors for the Combat Energy Drink. While the product has the same main ingredients with that high-powered 300mg of caffeine and 600mg of BCAAs, retailers are not listing it in the same flavors; Grapefruit Lime, Green Apple, and Black Cherry.

The options you have to choose from for MusclePharm’s Combat Energy Drink in Australia and New Zealand are Apple Crisp, Sour Crush, and Pop Cola. Interestingly they’re colored the same as the US flavors with Apple Crisp the same as Green Apple in green, Sour Crush is dressed in Grapefruit Lime’s yellow, and lastly, Pop Cola is the option making use of Black Cherry’s red.

Based on the names, we have to assume those flavors are different from the original menu of Combat Energy Drink we have tried, but again it is interesting that they have different names but come in the same color cans. You can get the energy drink from many stores in Australia and New Zealand, including the likes of Bodytech and

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