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Mouthwatering My Cookie Dealer Protein Cookies hitting Raw’s website tomorrow

My Cookie Dealer X Raw Nutrition Protein Cookies

When My Cookie Dealer announced it was putting together protein cookies, it was suggested to be some sort of collaboration with the supplement brand Raw Nutrition. It was never obvious to us what that partnership involved, although the story now appears to be unfolding. Tomorrow Raw is launching newly-packaged My Cookie Dealer Protein Cookies through its website, making it sound like they’ll be an ongoing stocked item.

You can see what the My Cookie Dealer Protein Cookies available from Raw Nutrition look like in the image above, and in that image, you can see where the collaboration comes in. On the front of the package, there is the callout “Made With Raw Protein”. That states the brand’s role in the partnership, as My Cookie Dealer makes the upcoming Protein Cookies with protein powder from Raw Nutrition.

If you’ve missed our stories on My Cookie Dealer and its Protein Cookies, they’re definitely a bit different from your typical protein-packed cookies. The company’s past cookie drops have had a good amount of protein but calories similar to its regular, non-high-protein cookies. A good example is My Cookie Dealer’s Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie providing 22g of protein, 107g of carbohydrates, 63g of that sugar, and a calorie count of 780.

My Cookie Dealer X Raw Nutrition Protein Cookies

By the looks of things, the My Cookie Dealer Protein Cookies that’ll be available from Raw Nutrition won’t be like the one highlighted above. The product pictured says it weighs 103g, not the 170g of the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie, and it has 13g of protein. That weight-to-protein ratio still makes it sound like you’ll get a good amount of the other major macros and calories, so maybe a downsized version of the My Cookie Dealer Protein Cookies.

We’ll have more information on My Cookie Dealer and Raw Nutrition’s Protein Cookie collaboration tomorrow when it becomes available at precisely midday Eastern Time through Raw’s website. There is also going to be a good amount of flavors to choose from in Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup, Milk & Cookies, Birthday Cake Batter, Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Batter.