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Nutra Holdings’ other popular brand starts hitting shelves at Vitamin Shoppe

Jacked Factory Now At Vitamin Shoppe

We just saw the originally direct-to-consumer-only supplement brand Jacked Factory make a significant move and change its direct approach by becoming available at the retail giant The Vitamine Shoppe. Nutra Holdings is the owner of Jacked Factory, and for those that weren’t aware, it has another massive brand under its umbrella in the also direct-to-consumer exclusive Transparent Labs.

Like Jacked Factory, Nutra Holdings’ Transparent Labs is making a move into retail stores in 2022, and can also now be found at The Vitamin Shoppe. Transparent does have a reasonably large lineup of sports nutrition supplements, covering many categories, although to begin its partnership, Vitamin Shoppe is only carrying only a small selection, three products to be exact, and one of them is still very fresh.

Shoppers at The Vitamin Shoppe will be seeing Transparent Labs’ flagship pre-workout Bulk on shelves in three flavors and its creatine and HMB-based muscle builder Creatine HMB in two options. The one other supplement kicking off Transparent’s partnership with Vitamin Shoppe is the recently returned premium version of the brand’s Bulk pre-workout, in Bulk Black, packing more for energy and pumps.

All three of the Transparent Labs products — Bulk, Bulk Black, and Creatine HMB — are available at The Vitamin Shoppe for the same prices as the brand’s own online store. That is $44.99 for a tub of Creatine HMB, the Bulk being the next expensive item at $49.99, then the harder-hitting, more premium pre-workout Bulk Black is at $54.99.