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Lost and Found debuts with a new flavor already confirmed as coming soon

Orange Splash Lost And Found Energy Drink

The all-new energy drink Lost and Found made its way to market this week, launching in its three previously confirmed flavors, Cherry Lemonade, Glacier Burst, and Blue Rush. The beverage packs 150mg of caffeine for any time energy, and it keeps things clean on the nutrition side with 4g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and a light and lean ten calories.

While the Lost and Found energy drink did launch its three promised flavors, if you visited the brand’s online store to get a closer look or purchase anything, you will have noticed something else. Alongside Cherry Lemonade, Glacier Burst, and Blue Rush is a fourth flavor in Orange Splash; although it is not available, only listed as coming soon.

Many of the popular energy drinks on the market frequently release permanent and limited-time flavors, so it’s good to see Lost and Found is organized enough to already have one in the tank. Orange Splash is, as mentioned, said to be coming soon, and if you want to be notified the second stock arrives, you can sign up on Lost and Found’s website.