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CellFlo6 gets its own standalone supplement at Peak Performance Labs

Peak Performance Labs Cellflo6

While most of the time, standalone sports nutrition supplements come with common compounds like creatine, BCAAs, glutamine, and fish oil, there are plenty now out there that use premium ingredients. We’ve seen brands of all shapes and sizes take a branded ingredient and put it into their own product, and that is precisely what the reputable Peak Performance Labs has done for its second standalone supplement.

Peak Performance Labs only ever stuck to comprehensive, advanced products until this year, as two months ago in April, the brand dropped an unflavored tub of bulk glycerol powder. This month Peak Performance has followed that up with another standalone supplement, although, unlike the simply named Glycerol, this is more in line with what we mentioned above, as the brand has put a premium ingredient into this one.

Peak Performance Labs is the first to offer the still relatively new pump and performance ingredient CellFlo6 in a standalone product. The brand has included the compound at a gram in each of its 28 two-capsule servings per bottle, and since CellFlo6 is its only ingredient, you can seamlessly stack this with many other supplements. It is available today through Peak Performance’s website at $54.99 (43.04 USD) each.