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Reputable Peak Performance finally expands its premium lineup into weight loss

Peak Performance Labs Thermo Nuclear

Peak Performance Labs has gradually grown into a reputable sports nutrition company, and when it comes to new releases, you can almost guarantee its latest effort will be something worth checking out. Over the years, the brand has gone from its original stimulant-free powerhouse Nuclear Pump to the likes of Nuclear Gains, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Pre, and the intra-workout Nuclear Intra.

For 2022, Peak Performance Labs is continuing its strong formulation reputation in the weight loss space, introducing Thermo Nuclear. The brand aims to support all of the usual fat-burning benefits in its first entry into the competitive category for a balanced experience. Thermo Nuclear has been built to support energy, focus, metabolism, thermogenesis, and, of course, overall weight loss.

Peak Performance Labs Thermo Nuclear Label

Like with all of Peak Performance Labs’ supplements, Thermo Nuclear is packed full of premium, reliable, and well-dosed ingredients to ensure the product comes through on its promises. The brand isn’t aiming for an over-the-top stimulating effect, focusing mostly on the fat-burning side of things with a solid 100mg of Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, 50mg of GBBGo, 250mg of premium and proven InnoSlim, Cocoabuterol, and a reliable 250mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, Peak Performance Labs isn’t really going for an intense mix of energy and focus in Thermo Nuclear like some of its competitors, more of a reliable lift in energy alongside several other ingredients to support and improve weight loss. The brand is launching the supplement through its website next week at a reasonable $54.99 (42.78 USD) for a full-size bottle of the usual month’s supply.