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PharmaFreak planning to put a free condom in every box of its upcoming Sex Freak

Pharmafreak Sex Freak

PharmaFreak has entered many different categories over the years following its hit stimulant fat burner, Ripped Freak. It’s taken on protein powder, pre-workout, muscle building, superfood, and many other mainstream spaces. Throughout those expansions, the Canadian company has maintained its original naming convention, combining a relating keyword with “Freak”, for example, Anabolic Freak.

PharmaFreak has previewed what we can only assume to be its first-ever dedicated sexual health and performance supplement, and, of course, in traditional PharmaFreak style, it is calling the product Sex Freak. The upcoming item will be a part of the brand’s multi-benefit-filled Red Label Series, so while sexual health is likely to be the primary focus, there’s a good chance it’ll have ingredients for another area.

The upcoming Sex Freak will also see PharmaFreak do similar to what it did with its nootropic supplement Mental Freak and put an appropriate freebie in every box. That freebie is none other than a ribbed condom, with nothing more fitting for a product named Sex Freak. More details will be along soon, including the ingredients and dosages the brand is bringing together for its sixth product drop for the year.

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