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Summer brings sweet Raspberry Cream to the menu of the Barebells Protein Bar

Raspberry Cream Barebells Protein Bar

The newest flavor of the top-tasting Barebells Protein Bar has been announced, and as confirmed in our post about its teaser, it sees the brand drop its first Summer Edition bar since Strawberry White Chocolate. We had our suspicions and guesses at what the flavor could be based on some of the clues Barebells had shared, and we were pretty spot on.

For the sunny summer season, Barebells has put together an undoubtedly delicious and sweet-sounding Raspberry Cream Barebells Protein Bar packing the product’s usual 20g of protein and no added sugar. The brand has done some great fruity flavors in the past, with Blueberry Cake being the best one that comes to mind, so it should have no trouble communicating all of the correct notes and tastes in Raspberry Cream.

The Raspberry Cream Barebells Protein Bar only appears to have been announced for the brand’s home country of Sweden for now, which is the case most of the time when it comes to new flavors and products. There are already a few retailers in the country listing Raspberry Cream in preparation for its imminent launch, including the popular Gymgrossisten.

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