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Classic tater tots get a high-protein and low-carb twist at Real Good Foods

Real Good Foods Crispy Tots

Over the weekend, we posted about Real Good Foods’ tasty, nutritious, and high-protein breakfast meals, Breakfast Bowls and Breakfast Bites, available in the same two flavors, Sausage and Meat Lovers. One of the key differences between the products, outside of the fact that one comes in crispy bites and the other a bowl meal, is the latter has crispy tots mixed in that are made from cauliflower and cheese.

Real Good Foods has just launched those nutritious and lean tots as a standalone product named Crispy Tots. They come in bulk bags of 50 bite-sized tots, and the macros on them are a lot nicer than your traditional potato-based tots. Real Good’s Crispy Tots have 5g of protein in a five-piece serving, 3g of net carbohydrates, 7g of fat, and 100 calories, making for a higher protein and low carbohydrate food.

The even better part about Real Good Foods’ protein-packed Crispy Tots is they’re not that expensive. Through the brand’s own online store at, you can grab that large 16oz bag with a total of 50 tots at $6.99. Real Good is incredibly creative when it comes to the familiar foods it puts its healthier twist on, and Crispy Tots is another great example of that and it definitely won’t be the last.