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XN Supps lets you make your own variety case of RYSE Fuel at only $2.10 a can

Ryse Fuel Variety Pack

When RYSE launched its first energy drink with RYSE Fuel, it wasn’t available in all five of its flavors. It debuted through a dedicated online store in Tiger’s Blood and Smarties, and the retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe, in Smarties and Ring Pop Berry Blast. The latter now has all five of the beverage’s flavors on its website, although, as usual, the online store only sells energy drinks in cases of 12.

If you prefer to try new functional products like RYSE Fuel, in a variety pack, instead of investing in an entire case of one flavor, then you’ll want to head to XN Supps like we just did. The reputable and reliable sports nutrition retailer is also stocking all five flavors of RYSE Fuel in Tiger’s Blood, Baja Burst, Smarties, SunnyD, and Ring Pop Berry Blast, and it sells them singularly and in a bundle.

XN Supps has the still relatively new RYSE Fuel energy drink available at $3 a can, or if you grab a dozen cans for an entire case, you’ll get them at $2.10 each. For the case, you do get to mix and match flavors, as mentioned, giving you a chance to try the whole menu without buying 12 of one. The retailer has plenty of stock, and in our experience, it ships orders relatively promptly.