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Jordan Peters completes his NED Stack with the laxogenin-based Natural Progress

Trained By Jp Nutrition Natural Progress

Jordan Peters’ ever-growing brand Trained By JP Nutrition recently released two standalone muscle-building supplements, one named after its main ingredient in Turkesterone, and the other is Natural Physique featuring ecdysterone. The brand has another similar kind of product this week with a muscle strength and size building formula titled Natural Progress, relying on one ingredient.

The driving force behind Jordan Peters and Trained By JP Nutrition’s Natural Progress is laxogenin, included at a solid 100mg in each of its 60 capsules per bottle. Due to the supplement’s simplicity, it can seamlessly stack with other muscle-building products, especially those two mentioned above, Turkesterone and Natural Physique, so much so, the brand has made a stack with the three.

Through Trained By JP Nutrition’s online store, the new laxogenin-based Natural Progress will cost you £49.99 (61.12 USD), or you can grab the brand’s full set of single-ingredient muscle builders in the NED Stack, you get full-size bottles of Turkesterone, Natural Physique, and Natural Progress at £103.98 (127.12 USD).