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American Dream goes with a back-to-school theme in its latest creative collection

American Dream Nutter Cookie Crunch

American Dream Nut Butter is at it again, launching another set of special edition and delicious flavors of its nut butter in the Back To School Collection. This is something we see the creative, functional company do at least once a month, and as mentioned, it is back this week with another set of flavors that sound tasty just in their names alone and even more so in their mouthwatering descriptions.

The all-new Back To School Collection of flavors from American Dream Nut Butter, now available through its website, includes Nutter Cookie Crunch, a brownie-flavored peanut butter with a layer of sweet cream peanut butter and across the top, crushed peanut butter cookies, peanut butter chips, and rich white chocolate chips.

Next is Starberry Blast, an almond butter with a Strawberry Milkshake Pop Tart taste, topped with golden sandwich cookies and sprinkles. You then have Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Pastry Pop, featuring brown sugar and cinnamon cashew butter, cinnamon crumbs, and a Pop-Tart style cinnamon filling. Last but not least is Caramel Apple Strudel, combining salted caramel apple cashew butter with caramel chips, crushed shortbread, and crunchy cinnamon apples.

Once again, all of those nostalgic flavor creations in the Back To School Collection are available now through American Dream Nut Butter’s online store at its usual and respective peanut, cashew, and almond butter prices. Also, from what we can tell, like a lot of the delicious flavor extensions the functional food company pumps out, the Back To School series is only around for a limited time.