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Apollon shares a roadmap of promising product releases for the next few months

Apollon Nutrition Roadmap

Apollon Nutrition was one of our Brands Of The Year for our milestone tenth Brand Awards, and while it had a killer 2021, it is putting on a performance just as impressive here in 2022. The hardcore brand has already dropped several standout supplements, including the powerhouse, performance-driving pre-workout Lionheart, and the loaded intra-workout Over The Top, and it has many more to come.

As we cross over into the second half of the year, Apollon Nutrition has shared a roadmap of its next few supplement releases, and it is adding even more variety to its already extensive selection. In the coming months, the reputable and reliable brand is dropping an advanced collagen and a sleep aid, as well as new versions of the nootropic Overtime and its creatine-based muscle builder Creatine-X.

Another Hooligan collaboration is also on the list of items fans of Apollon Nutrition can be excited about, and more flavors of those recent and successful products we mentioned earlier; Lionheart and Over The Top. All of this action is expected to roll out over the next few months, although knowing the ever-expanding brand, it’ll undoubtedly have other projects squeezed in there that it is keeping under wraps.