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ASC Supplements confirms the coming of a creatine and some mysterious pre-workouts

Asc Pre Workouts And Creatine

With the Stack3d Supplement Expo coming to a close at midnight tonight, we’ve got one last exhibitor we’d like to put the spotlight on that is attending the event for the first time, and it has brought some exciting news. The growing and reputable brand, known for its well-put-together, stackable pre-workouts El Jefe and Sicario, has announced the coming of three supplements at the Stack3d Expo, two advanced and one not.

ASC Supplements already has fans and followers covered in many of the mainstream categories, including pre-workout, weight loss in stimulant and stimulant-free, intra-workout, and muscle building. One of the products confirmed as coming soon at the brand’s booth in the West Hall of the Stack3d Supplement Expo is referred to as a creatine, which could be a straightforward standalone product or something more complex.

The other two items that are definitely going to be advanced supplements are pre-workouts, expected to be available between August and September. ASC Supplements hasn’t said anything about the pre-workouts outside the fact that they’re pre-workouts. If we had to guess, they’re likely going to be more intense or premium compared to the brand’s current competitors, although those are both already in that premium realm.

With creatine becoming quite a popular type of product this year, ASC Supplements announcing something for that makes sense. The other two products, the pre-workouts, certainly have us intrigued and excited. Those that are familiar with El Jefe and Sicario will know the brand knows how to create respectable and effective pre-workouts, so whatever these turn out to be, we have to imagine they’ll continue that reputation.