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Legion gives its recently revamped protein bar a much-needed second flavor

Chocolate Peanut Butter Legion Protein Bar

To start the year, Legion reworked and relaunched its high-protein snack, the Legion Protein Bar, making some changes for an improved on-the-go, edible experience. The revamped product packs a typical bar amount of 20g of protein, alongside 24g of carbohydrates with 9g of fiber and 4g sugar, 12g of fat, and 240 calories, although with only one flavor to choose from in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

If you’re a fan of Legion and its Legion Protein Bar but didn’t quite like having just the one flavor, the brand has changed all of that this month, introducing a second, and bringing some much-needed variety to the product. Now in stock and available at is a classic Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, and the price is slightly higher than when we last posted about the protein bar at $39.99 a box.