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Another version of Dedicated’s muscle builder Epic is also coming later this year

Dedicated Nutrition New Epic

Earlier this week we posted about Dedicated Nutrition’s booth at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, where it announced it is coming out with an all-new version of its pre-workout, Unstoppable, later this year. That is extremely exciting news as Unstoppable has one of the strongest names in the category, although that’s not all the reputable brand has brought to our annual, online-exclusive event.

Also at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, Dedicated Nutrition has revealed that it is getting ready to drop a new version of its daily muscle-building supplement, Epic. The most recent Epic was packed full of strength, performance, and endurance ingredients, with a solid 6g of creatine monohydrate in each serving, a full dose of premium elevATP, 4g of beta-alanine, and Nordic Cherry to improve recovery.

Like with the announcement of the new and highly-anticipated Unstoppable, coming later this year, Dedicated Nutrition has not shared too much else about Epic. All we know for now is that, like its predecessor, it’ll be a strength and muscle-building product designed to be taken daily with 25 full servings per tub, and it’ll be available in three traditional flavors; Orange, Lemon, and Watermelon.

You can get a closer look at everything Dedicated Nutrition has brought to the Stack3d Supplement Expo at its booth in the West Hall at, and be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for more details on both the new Unstoppable pre-workout and Epic muscle builder.