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Lohilo looks to be putting popcorn in the next new flavor of its protein ice cream

Lohilo Popcorn Ice Cream

The creative Swedish company Lohilo has shared a teaser that was initially a bit difficult to decipher, but once we understood it all, it certainly sounds like something to be excited about for those in its home country. The functional food company has partnered with the food delivery service Vembla at Sweden’s Big Crowd Factory outdoor film events, where the two have been seen under the one cobranded booth.

Where the teaser comes in, is on the popcorn that the booth is making available to attendees of the Big Crowd Factory events is a cryptic message reading “Ice cream with popcorn in it?!”, “That’ll probably never happen…” Below that is a picture of a box of Lohilo’s delicious, creamy, and protein-packed ice cream, featuring a red and white striped design with pieces of popcorn and splashes of caramel.

As we say with most teasers, a brand wouldn’t say something like that, have you think about the concept, or at least make that much effort to get the message out there, if it wasn’t coming out with a product. Based on that, we’re guessing Lohilo has indeed put together a new flavor of its original ice cream that has popcorn in it, potentially caramel streaks, and a solid 18g of protein, low sugar, and a calorie count of 261.

We have had several flavors of Lohilio’s protein ice cream, and it is incredibly delicious, difficult to put down, in fact, and we’re guessing the seemingly upcoming popcorn-infused flavor, as unique as it sounds, will come through with that reliably enjoyable experience.

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