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BCAA Hyper Clear lands its first non-candy flavor in Southern Sweet Tea

Perfect Sports Bcaa Hyper Clear

With summer in full swing, Perfect Sports in Canada has dropped a fresh new flavor for its BCAA-based supplement BCAA Hyper Clear, packing 7.5g of vegan-sourced BCAAs with KaNaSol for better solubility. Perfect Sports dropped the product back in late 2019, then added Swedish Sharks Candy to its menu in early 2020, and until now, we hadn’t seen any more flavor extensions.

Joining BCAA Hyper Clear’s original lineup of Candy Tarts, Puck ‘N Sour Watermelon, and Peach Rings Candy, and Swedish Sharks Candy, is actually an option that’s not candy-themed in Southern Sweet Tea. The flavor is already out and available in Perfect Sports’ home country, including its online store, where a tub of 30 full servings of BCAA Hyper Clear will cost you $39.99

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