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Psychedelic Water drops a shot combining mushrooms and nootropics

Psychedelic Functional Microdose

Psychedelic Water is an energizing beverage from Canadian producer and songwriter Murda Beatz, and it features a formula that’s quite different from your typical energy drink. It aims to enhance energy and mood with a blend of kava kava, damiana, and green tea, providing a light 75mg of caffeine. The product comes in an eye-catching silver reflective can and some truly interesting flavors such as Hibiscus + Lime.

Murda Beatz and Psychedelic Water have just dropped their second beverage with the more compact Psychedelic Functional Microdose. This is a more shot-style product, packing all of the action into a convenient 2.5fl oz bottle. The formula is not the same in this one compared to the brand’s energy drink, although it has a similar purpose and intentions.

Psychedelic Functional Microdose 1

Squeezed into a single bottle of Psychedelic Functional Microdose are the mushroom extracts lion’s man, chaga, and cordyceps, all at 100mg each. Then, to support energy and focus, you get 50mg of 5-HTP, 100mg each of theanine and GABA, and 75mg of caffeine from green tea. The product is sort of a complex nootropic energy shot, and like Psychedelic Water it has some unique flavors in Peach + Orange + Ginger, and Ume + Sakura.

Psychedelic Water’s completely new Psychedelic Functional Microdose is available straight through its online store at $23.49 for a pack of six compact 2.5fl oz shots. The beverage brand also makes it easy to try both of Functional Microdose’s two intriguing flavors, as it has a variety bundle that comes with three of each, and it costs the same $23.49.