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Ghost brings back Sour Patch Pineapple for another National Sour Candy Day

Sour Patch Pineapple Ghost Gamer

Around this time last year, our past Brand Of The Year and Brand Of The Decade winner, Ghost, released a truly delicious flavor for two supplements in line with National Sour Candy Day. The impressively and memorable flavor was an authentic collaboration with the classic sour candy, Sour Patch Kids, in Sour Patch Kids Pineapple for Ghost BCAA and the pre-workout Ghost Legend.

This year for National Sour Candy Day, Ghost is bringing back its enjoyable Sour Patch Kids Pineapple flavor, but not for the same two supplements. Next week, on the day itself, Monday the 18th, Ghost is resurrecting Sour Patch Kids Pineapple Ghost BCAA and introducing an all-new Sour Patch Kids flavor of the reliable energy and focus-enhancing product, Ghost Gamer.

Again, both the Sour Patch Kids Pineapple Ghost BCAA and Ghost Gamer are going to be available directly from the brand’s website on National Sour Candy Day, which is five days away on Monday of next week.