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Scorpion’s Boom beverage expands once again with Tropical and Bubblegum flavors

Tropical Bubblegum Boom Energy Drink

It wasn’t too long ago that New Zealand brand Scorpion Supplements launched its Boom energy drink, featuring more pre-workout type ingredients. It comes with a rather specific 1.73g of pure citrulline for pumps, 1.16g of betaine, a respectable 2.5g of beta-alanine to support performance, and, of course, caffeine for energy, at a solid 200mg.

Scorpion Supplements launched its Boom beverage in two flavors to start, both relatively straightforward with Grape and Limeade. Shortly after the product’s debut, two months after, in fact, the brand was back with two more options to double the menu. Those flavor extensions were Raspberry Cola and Green Apple, and now Scorpion is back to do the same.

To keep the Boom energy drink growing, Scorpion Supplements has added two more flavors its selection, introducing Tropical and an intriguing Bubblegum. Both products are available straight from the brand’s website at $27 (16.72 USD) for a pack of six, $48 (29.72 USD) for a case of 12, or there is a special edition variety bundle with six cans each of the new flavors and at a discounted $40 (24.76 USD).