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Two more flavors on the way for newcomer We Go Home’s well-rounded pre-workout

We Go Home Pre Workout Flavor Extensions

Since the relaunch of its pre-workout No Sacrifice, No Victory, We Go Home from SWAT Officer Trung Nguyen, has had only one flavor available for the supplement with Grape Popsicle. A bigger menu with more options is always appreciated, as it keeps things fun and exciting, and obviously not everyone likes the same flavors. Very soon, Trung Nguyen and his still relatively new We Go Home are about to do exactly that, expand the menu of its pre-workout.

As mentioned, the pre-workout No Sacrifice, No Victory currently only has one taste to choose from in Grape Popsicle. We Go Home has revealed that it is about to triple the size of that lineup to a total of three, announcing two new flavors in Watermelon Candy and the classic combination of Kiwi Strawberry. Both of those options will be available sometime soon through the brand’s online store at No Sacrifice, No Victory’s regular price of $59.99.